Congregation Committees:
  • Executive Committee - Council Pres Allen Ray (chair), VP Katie Wadington, Treasurer Kathleen Treiber, Secretary Amber Wollner, Senior Pastor MF
  • Audit Committee - Tim Feid, Lamar McGinnis, Larry Rich
  • Mutual Ministry Committee - Sarah Asbill (chair), Lamar McGinnis, the Rev. Mary Canniff-Kuhn
  • Personnel Committee - Katie Wadington (chair), Cate Rheney, Lisa Hamilton, Russ Truluck,              vacancy, vacancy
  • Endowment Committee - Jen Loizzo, Fred Park, Lamar McGinnis (chair), Randy Treiber (treasurer), Meredith Neal, vacancy.  Click here for Endowment information and applications.
  • Call Committeeinactive
Committees of Council:
  • Property Committee -  Larry Rich (chair), Sexton Max Hall, Tim Feid, vacancy, vacancy
  • Finance Committee -  Andy Otten (chair), Gene Hoemann (Bookkeeper), Carrie Dahlberg (Financial Secretary), Kathleen Treiber (Treasurer), Denise Kropf, Jeff Rhodes, Marcus Suess, Jason Cooper
  • Archives Committee - Jason Cooper and the Rev. Don Poole (co-chairs), Linda Blake, Corinne Feid, Lisa Hamilton, Sue Jacklin, Brenta Poole